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Sterile Urine And Blood Samples

Urologic Pathology Lab Services

Urologic conditions vary greatly in severity and complexity, but all require precise testing for reliable diagnosis and treatment. Serving physicians and healthcare organizations across New York, New Jersey and throughout the country, TOPLAB® offers expert urologic pathology testing to guide patient care and keep clinicians informed. Our clients enjoy fast results, enhanced accuracy, and the convenience of a full-service lab staffed by highly trained technicians.


What is Urologic Pathology?


By examining tissue and other collected samples, technicians can identify abnormalities affecting the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, prostate, and more. These advanced analyses combine with the results of physical examinations and other testing modalities to detect and treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Prostate, bladder, and renal cancer
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Causes of incontinence
  • Kidney disease
  • Infertility
  • Kidney and bladder stones
  • And more

Surgical pathology testing supports diverse applications beyond diagnosis as well. TOPLAB®’s urologic pathology services can provide expert insight on specific tissue samples, determine the success of a surgical procedure, or support early detection of cancer when other methods are not yet applicable.


Urologic Pathology Testing Options


Urologic surgical pathology testing generally requires a sample of tissue, but may also use urine, blood, or other materials. When testing is needed, local clients may drop off samples at our NJ laboratory. For those outside our area, samples may be sent via mail. Available testing includes:

  • CT/NG and STI PCR: The urethra is swabbed to collect cells and identify the presence of Chlamydia or other STIs.
  • Bladder and urethral biopsies: A small tube is inserted into the urethra and eventually the bladder, if necessary, collecting tissue for further analysis.
  • Prostate biopsies and transurethral resection (TUR): Cells are collected from the prostate via the rectum or penis.
  • Ureteral biopsies: A small brush is used to rub the interior of the kidney or ureter, collecting cells.
  • UroVysion fish/cytology: This test helps determine the likelihood of bladder cancer recurrence to guide future care.
  • Urinary tract infection and ABS profile: Urinalysis allows detection of urinary tract infections with or without identifying symptoms.

Once received, all samples undergo a three-phase analysis that includes the following steps:

  1. A lab tech examines the sample (if relevant) with the naked eye to assess visible abnormalities.
  2. A high-power microscope delivers a more detailed examination.
  3. Histopathology testing provides a molecular-level analysis of RNA and DNA.

Results are available immediately after testing is complete via our secure online portal. If you prefer a physical copy of results, you may request to receive them by mail.


Why Choose TOPLAB®?


Urologic pathology requires years of experience and awareness of the latest developments in surgical pathology testing. At TOPLAB®, our team of technicians draws on experience from an array of medical backgrounds and receives intensive training on our advanced equipment and testing protocols to ensure accurate results.

Our customer-focused lab exceeds larger competitors with fast service and no waiting lists to hold up your results. We’ll examine your specimens as soon as they’re received, ensuring you have the accurate information needed to provide the best care for every patient.


Order Urologic Pathology Tests Today


TOPLAB® is committed to providing the highest degree of accuracy possible with a fast turnaround on every test ordered. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of clinical lab services, including employee drug screenings, routine blood work, and COVID-19 testing. To become a TOPLAB® partner or order testing, call (800) 941-7597 to speak with a representative.

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