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Book COVID-19, Drug, and Blood Tests in New Jersey and Nationwide

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Securing an appointment for blood work and lab testing can be challenging, but TOPLAB® simplifies the process through our online scheduling platform. We use the latest technologies and have a wealth of knowledge, making us a trusted partner to numerous doctors, patients, and employers in New Jersey and throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on our wide range of services and ability to deliver timely results.

Full Clinical Reference Laboratory Services

We offer a host of lab services to help doctors provide better healthcare to their patients. These tests allow physicians to screen for certain diseases and instances of drug abuse. As a patient, you can book an appointment for the following tests:

Surgical Pathology Testing

TOPLAB® uses advanced technological strategies to deliver precise results from surgical pathology screenings. Our three levels of testing include a physical examination of the tissue, a microscopic analysis of processed tissue, and a molecular diagnostic assessment of RNA/DNA through histopathology.

Drug Testing and Screening

Employee drug screening is crucial for business safety as it mitigates the effects of drug abuse and helps enforce regulatory compliance. To aid in this process, TOPLAB® offers non-invasive oral fluid and urine sample collection kits that are comfortable for employees and reliable for employers.

We also offer test kits for prescription drug screening. This service is for employees and patients who are required to complete drug tests. We deliver fast turnaround times on these screenings to ensure patients receive optimal healthcare.

Routine Blood Testing

General blood work helps physicians and other providers accurately diagnose their patients and deliver the most effective care. At TOPLAB®, we conduct several routine blood tests, such as:

  • Complete blood counts (CBC)
  • Allergy testing
  • Hormone balance assessments
  • Metabolic counts
  • Full wellness panels

COVID-19 Testing

Coronavirus testing helps medical professionals and public health officials better understand the disease and how it spreads. TOPLAB® offers diagnostic and antibody COVID tests to help doctors study the virus and minimize its impact. Our antigen and molecular diagnostic tests involve using nasal or oral swabs to collect a fluid sample from patients.

What to Expect at TOPLAB®

As a smaller laboratory, TOPLAB® prides itself on personalized service and ensures no client ends up on a waiting list. Once you fill out our online form, one of our associates will confirm your selected time and date through e-mail.

When you come to the lab for testing, ensure you have valid identification and a face mask. If a doctor refers you to our lab or you use insurance benefits, you will also need a prescription to get tested. You should receive your results between 24 and 72 hours after completion in your e-mail inbox. If you don’t see your results there, please check your spam folder.

Book an Appointment at TOPLAB® Today

If you need blood work, COVID testing, or drug testing and screening services, turn to TOPLAB® for solutions. Our state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality equipment allow us to deliver rapid results, making us one of the most reliable labs in New Jersey and nationwide. Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information today.

*Prescription required when referred by a physician or using insurance benefits/policy.