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TOPLAB® is a full clinical reference laboratory that provides accurate and dependable pathology and toxicology services in New Jersey and across the United States. We use the latest technology and our deep knowledge and experience to provide reliable results, making us one of the most trusted labs nationwide.

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By utilizing the latest technology, TOPLAB® delivers accurate results. It’s why we are trusted by healthcare professionals all around the country. Our testing procedures are quick and reliable helping you establish confidence in your patients through successful lab results.

TOPLAB® Serves Healthcare Providers, Physicians, Employers, and Consumers

We conduct numerous lab tests that medical professionals, business owners, and individuals use to screen for diseases and drug abuse, including:

Lab technician performing employee drug screening test.

Employee Drug Testing

Our simple, non-invasive toxicology test kits help employers screen employees for illegal or prohibited substance use on the job. We ship reliable oral and urine collection kits directly to your company, eliminating the need to schedule appointments at a collection facility.

Pathology lab testing.

Pathology Lab

To help doctors form correct diagnoses, our pathology lab uses innovative technology to examine tissue samples for changes caused by various diseases. We also utilize new techniques to detect early genetic changes, identify infectious agents in the body such as COVID-19, and distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous white blood cells.

Lab technician performing routine blood test.

Routine Blood Tests

Since blood work is often the first step in diagnosing a patient, we perform multiple routine blood tests, including a full wellness panel, CBC, metabolic count, allergies, and hormones. Our clients receive accurate test results and avoid unnecessary, expensive delays.

Prescription drugs in packaging.

Prescription Drug Screening

TOPLAB® provides a quick turnaround on prescription drug screenings to help medical professionals prevent accidental overdoses and provide patients with care for prescription drug abuse.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Our lab services enable healthcare professionals and businesses to accurately test patients and employees 

Why TOPLAB® is Different? 

Many laboratories provide services to healthcare practitioners, employers, and consumers, but TOPLAB® stands out as a full clinical reference laboratory in the following ways:

  • Small lab: We cater to the individual needs of each client.
  • Fast results: Our rapid turnaround time ensures you receive results quickly to meet healthcare needs.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Our advanced technology delivers accurate, reliable results.
  • Insurance accepted: We work with many insurance providers so more clients across the nation can use our services.
  • Local pickup: Located in NJ or NY? We’ll pick up your samples if you are in our local service area.
  • Easy-to-use portal: Review and manage test results securely and completely online.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Services: Direct-to-consumer testing gives individuals more control over their healthcare and helps them make sound decisions about their health.

Get Started with TOPLAB® Today

To access TOPLAB® services in NJ and throughout the U.S., book an appointment or contact us for more information.

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Simple Toxicology Testing

We ship toxicology testing kits directly to you. What’s more, these tests are non-invasive, safe, and easy to administer.

Oral Drug Screening

Oral fluid collection is an innovative and dependable testing method that quickly detects the presence of alcohol or drugs in a sample.

Urine Drug Testing

Equally effective as oral drug screening, the urine collection strategy rapidly finds drugs and alcohol in a sample from the individual.

Why TOPLAB® is Your Top Choice For Pathology Testing

TOPLAB® uses the latest technology to deliver detailed and dependable pathology test results, allowing medical professionals and consumers to make the best healthcare decisions.

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Quick turnaround testing

We deliver lab results quickly so you can provide better healthcare, conduct your business safely, or have personal peace of mind.

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View results anywhere

The TOPLAB® online portal makes it simple to analyze test results.

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Local Pickup Services

Clients in NJ or NY may be eligible to use our local pickup services for added convenience.


With a user-friendly layout, this tool helps medical professionals organize multiple test inquiries across patients for easier management. Key features include:

TOPLAB portal shown on a desktop computer
24/7 access icon

24/7 access

Easily access patient lab test results anywhere, anytime.

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Protected browsing

Secure and HIPPA-compliant, you can be confident while it’s in use.

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Organize Results

Organize patient results for smoother record management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have questions about our testing methods and processes. Find answers in our FAQ:

How does a provider sign up for TOPLAB® testing services?

Join us online or call us at 877-355-3580.

What tests does TOPLAB® offer?

We conduct various lab tests, including employee drug screenings, surgical pathology, routine blood tests, medication monitoring protocols, prescription drug screenings, genetics, and more.

What collection methods of drug screening do you offer?

TOPLAB® offers both oral and urine drug screenings.

How can I view test results?

Review test results online via our secure portal.

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