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About Us

Lab Tech Analyzes SpecimenWhen physicians, employers, rehabilitation facilities, government agencies, municipalities, and other entities here in New Jersey and across the United States require fast, accurate testing, they turn to TOPLAB®. Our full-service clinical reference lab offers a diverse assortment of testing capabilities to provide precise results on each client’s schedule. From premier customer service to an experienced team and cutting-edge technology, we strive to meet the needs of every client and exceed expectations for efficiency, convenience, and customer service.

Advanced Technology and Expert Technicians Deliver Speed and Accuracy

As a small lab, TOPLAB® doesn’t use complicated waiting lists, and clients never experience long processing times. We understand that in many cases results can’t wait, and our team begins working on your samples as soon as received to ensure fast turnaround times for every order. Our Millburn, NJ lab is outfitted with the latest technology and the best diagnostic and analytical equipment available, allowing us to complete a greater number of tests with the highest levels of accuracy. When other laboratories lack the technology or in-house know-how to complete complex testing, they often turn to TOPLAB®.

Beyond advanced equipment, our clinical reference lab is home to an experienced team with diverse backgrounds in the health field. Every team member receives comprehensive training in our unique methods as well to ensure the most accurate results possible with every test.

Our Testing Services

From diagnostics to support patient health to drug testing to maintain a safer workplace, TOPLAB® provides an extensive range of services to support our diverse clients. Our current testing capabilities include:

Have questions about the testing services we offer? Call 877-355 -3580 to speak with a member of our team about our full range of lab services.

Making Testing Convenient

Our testing services are as convenient as they are fast and accurate. Clients can order tests online and send samples via mail to our facility. If you’re local to Millburn, NJ, you can even drop them off in person. We also offer concierge COVID-19 group testing services with licensed phlebotomists for corporate customers to provide effortless on-site testing with no additional labor for your team. Please note that we do not currently offer walk-in or drive-by testing at our facility, but appointments may be booked online for COVID-19, drug testing, and routine blood tests.

TOPLAB® accepts most insurance, making it easy to order the testing required to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients regardless of their coverage. When results are ready, simply log into our secure online portal, where you can:

  • View test results
  • Organize and manage multiple tests for multiple patients
  • Access results 24/7

Our portal is HIPAA-compliant to protect patient privacy and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. If you prefer, results may also be sent via mail to your facility.

Learn More about Drug, Toxicology, and Pathology Testing

Founded in 2017, TOPLAB® serves clients in 48 states with the precise, high-speed testing demanded by employers, healthcare providers, and more. For additional information about our services, contact us online or learn how you can become a TOPLAB® partner and enjoy all the benefits of working with our full-service reference laboratory. Our team is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to answer your questions and provide the information you need to order tests or access results.