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Drug Test Processing TOPLAB® knows how critical making drug testing and screening available to consumers is for the overall health of communities everywhere. Located in New Jersey and providing services across the United States, we are proud to offer direct-to-consumer drug screening options that test for a variety of substances. Learn more about what direct-to-consumer drug screening entails and how you can access our services.

What Is Direct-to-Consumer Drug Screening?

Direct-to-consumer laboratories like TOPLAB® allow individuals to order tests directly without needing prior approval from a physician. In terms of drug screening, these labs permit individuals to easily complete drug tests for work clearance and can bring peace of mind to those with concerns about substance abuse. They also give consumers more control over their healthcare. Direct-to-consumer labs must also provide transparent and reliable results as there is no doctor to interpret the findings. At TOPLAB®, we utilize modern facilities and extensive industry knowledge to ensure your drug testing and screening results are accurate and easy to understand.

Drug Screenings We Offer

TOPLAB® uses innovative technology to establish the status of drugs or drug metabolites in a client’s body. Our fast and dependable toxicology services provide consumers with assurance whether they need results for their job or wish to better understand the effects of their prescribed medicine.

Employee Drug Screening

Many employers use drug testing and screening to ensure proper employee conduct. Taking a drug test is an effective strategy for showing a current or potential employer your commitment to staying sober on the job and can help ensure you comply with regulatory standards. Our direct-to-consumer drug screenings allow you to get tested for work comfortably and conveniently.

Prescription Drug Screening

Prescription drugs can be just as serious a threat as illicit substances if inappropriately used. Thousands of individuals experience physical and mental health issues due to prescription drug abuse. Additionally, misuse of prescribed drugs can serve as a gateway to other forms of substance abuse. If you need to get tested, direct-to-consumer drug testing at TOPLAB® makes the process simple.

Urine Drug Screening

Once alcohol and drugs metabolize in the body, they stay in the urine for up to a month. A urine test is a dependable method for detecting the presence of substances long after use.

Oral Drug Screening

Oral testing is another reliable strategy for drug screening since saliva detects the presence of substances within seconds after use. At TOPLAB®, we can supervise these tests to ensure correct results.

Get Started with TOPLAB®

If you need trustworthy direct-to-consumer drug screening services in NJ and other states across the nation, turn to TOPLAB® for solutions. As a smaller laboratory, we deliver personalized care and provide timely feedback. Book an appointment today to take advantage of our drug testing and screening services.