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Histopathology Testing Services

When medical professionals across the United States need quick, accurate, and detailed histopathology tests performed, they turn to TOPLAB®. Headquartered in New Jersey, we specialize in sample testing, toxicology, and pathology, with trained specialists qualified to conduct trustworthy histopathology testing. Our services deliver fast and reliable results so healthcare providers can provide the best possible care to their patients.

What Is Histopathology?

Medical professionals need to be precise in the data they collect, diagnoses they give, and treatments they provide. One of the best tools available to facilitate this is surgical pathology, in which tissue samples taken from a patient are examined and analyzed to identify the cause and extent of a disease. While it is important for specialists to be trained to perform naked eye and biochemical testing of a sample, in most cases, the bulk of the work done in identifying and evaluating the health of a tissue sample is done under a microscope. This is known as histopathology, and achieving reliable results from a reputable lab is critical to a medical practice, clinic, or hospital.

How Histopathology Works

After a tissue sample is obtained from surgery, a biopsy, or an autopsy, it can be preserved and analyzed using histopathology. In our facilities, a specialist called a histopathologist examines the specimen under a microscope in order to see microscopic structures and irregularities that can point to the presence of an illness. The histopathologist will use a variety of different techniques for gathering information, including selectively staining parts of the sample and performing histochemical analysis. Results are then sent directly to the healthcare provider to inform doctors’ diagnoses and treatment plans.

For clients located in New Jersey, TOPLAB® will pick up your samples, or you can drop them off at our facility. Those in other states can securely mail their histology samples to our lab. All test results can be made available to access through our secure online portal.

The Value of Histopathology with TOPLAB®

The test results from a pathologist who specializes in histological analysis can be very revealing to a medical practitioner. They help to diagnose a patient, determine the efficacy of a treatment, or decide the course of a treatment plan. Histopathology can also tell whether cancer is present in a sample, which makes it critical not only for diagnosis, but also to indicate whether the surgical margin is cleared following the removal of a tumor. Additionally, this kind of testing can reveal pre-cancerous genetic changes, other diseases in the tissue sample, and other health indicators.

As such, accurate and in-depth histopathology testing is a critical step for a healthcare provider in treating a patient. Having a test lab you can rely on is an important part of being able to effectively test and treat your patients – which is why TOPLAB® is standing by to assist.

Learn More about Our Histopathology Services

Histopathology is an essential piece of the puzzle for providing the best course of treatment for your patients. When it comes to laboratory testing solutions, TOPLAB® is a trusted name for professionals across the country. We offer a full suite of toxicology, specialty, and surgical pathology testing, which includes an in-depth histopathology analysis, with fast turnaround times and a personalized approach to your specific needs. To learn more about histopathology testing and other services we offer, contact us today.

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