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OB/GYN & Women’s Health Testing Services

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TOPLAB® makes testing simple for your practice and your patients with testing options available for every stage of a woman’s life, and offers a full range of OB/GYN Specialty Testing. Our OB/GYN testing services is continuously introducing important new assays to assure our clients the latest advances in laboratory medicine. 

High Risk Obstetrics

  • Diabetes Management

  • AFP Quad Marker

  • Lupus-Type Anticoagulant

  • Anticardiolipin Antibodies

  • Mycoplasma


  • FSH

  • LH

  • TSH (Ultra-Sensitiv)

  • Prolactin

  • Progesterone

Sexually Transmitted Infections

The diagnosis and treatment of STI’s are supported by state-of-the-art methodologies including DNA Probes and Rapid Shell Vial


  • Chlamydia

  • HIV

  • Neisseria Gonorrhea

  • Herpes (Rapid Shell Vial Assay)

  • Hepatitis B

OB Oncologists can be assured of the most up to date testing procedures and unsurpassed turn-around-time.

  • CA-125 Assays

  • CA 15-3

  • Pap Smear

  • Human Papilloma Virus (DNA)

  • Single Sample Pap/HPV Reflexing

    Get Reliable Lab Test Results with TOPLAB®

    TOPLAB® is a fully-equipped full-service clinical laboratory. We serve employers and healthcare providers in NJ, NY and Nationwide with fast, reliable results. For our clients’ convenience, we also provide an easy-to-use, secure portal for viewing and managing test inquiries and results online. Contact Us Today for a Fast Quote at 877-760-0808.

    Featured Services


    • We bring COVID-19 testing, Drug Testing to your business. 

    • Our lab services enable to provide group testing for your employees, staff, guests or clients. Corporate Plan Available. Call 877-760-0808

    • Concierge Testing Services for events, exhibitions, conferences, parties, wedding arrangements and more.

    Empowering Healthcare Professionals

    Our lab services enable healthcare professionals and businesses to accurately test patients and employees 

    Why TOPLAB®?



    In an ever-changing industry, TOPLAB® knows the importance of trust. We build long quality relationships with our clients to ensure comfort and trust



    With state-of-the-art testing facilities, TOPLAB® provides accurate results to our clients 



    Reliable lab data is crucial for making important decisions for patients and employees



    Results matter, that’s why TOPLAB® delivers results quickly and efficiently