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24/7 Home Blood Draw Services


We bring Home Blood Draw Services for your business.


TOPLAB is now offering Home Blood Draw Services for healthcare providers, businesses, patients.

Our mobile phlebotomy service covers drug testing, most routine lab tests such as the Complete Blood Count (CBC), Lipid Panel,

and other routine blood tests.

Home Blood Draw and Mobile phlebotomy allows us to better meet the needs of our clients, patients, especially those:

  • that are home bound

  • that lack access to transportation

  • that are unable to leave their homes for other reasons

  • that prefer the convenience of lab test sample collection at home or other private location



Call Us at 877-355-3580 or email us directly to




24/7 COVID-19 Concierge Lab Testing Services


  • We bring COVID-1 testing for your business.

  • Corporate Plan Available

  • Our lab services enable to provide group testing for your employees, staff, guests or clients.

  • COVID-19 Concierge Testing Services for events, exhibitions, conferences, parties, wedding arrangements and more.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Our lab services enable healthcare professionals and businesses to accurately test patients and employees 




In an ever-changing industry, TOPLAB® knows the importance of trust. We build long quality relationships with our clients to ensure comfort and trust



With state-of-the-art testing facilities, TOPLAB® provides accurate results to our clients 



Reliable lab data is crucial for making important decisions for patients and employees



Results matter, that’s why TOPLAB® delivers results quickly and efficiently