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Why Reliable COVID-19 Testing is Critical

Sep 1, 2020

Most public health experts agree that having widely available, reliable testing for a virus, such as the one that causes COVID-19, significantly improves the ability to track the spread of that virus. Widespread COVID-19 testing can be used by public health officials and governments to make better decisions about when it’s safe to open back up and when it might be time to shut things down to stop the virus from overwhelming a community. That’s why TOPLAB® recently equipped our state-of-the-art facilities in New Jersey with the latest COVID-19 testing technology and protocols. Healthcare providers, businesses, and other organizations across the United States will need access to additional COVID-19 testing services to fully understand and track the spread of the virus so it can be stopped.

COVID-19 Antibody Tests vs. Diagnostic Tests and Why We Need Both

There isn’t one test for COVID-19, and that’s a good thing. The more information we have about the virus and where it is spreading, the better.

In order to diagnose an active case of COVID-19, healthcare providers must use either a molecular test, which can detect the presence of the virus’ genetic material, or an antigen test, which looks for certain proteins on the virus. Patient samples are typically taken through nasal or throat swabbing. These diagnostic tools are crucial for patient care, the triggering of individual quarantines, and effectively implementing contact tracing programs.

COVID-19 antibody tests, or serology tests, take samples of patient blood and look for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. These tests can indicate to healthcare providers whether a patient has been exposed to the virus and is recovering, has recently been exposed and is forming antibodies, or has not been exposed. Antibody testing can be used to help pinpoint possible individual exposures, but they can also help to provide a clearer picture of community exposure levels and the current risk levels for engaging in daily activities, like shopping at the grocery store, within a particular region.

Both diagnostic and antibody testing for COVID-19 help public health experts and government officials determine the risk involved with reopening public spaces, schools, and more. They are also an important tool for businesses as they begin to open up and offer services to the public. As these tests become widely available, they will help businesses make important decisions about employee health and safety as well as shape the dynamics of events, conferences, conventions, and more.

TOPLAB® COVID-19 Testing Services Are Now Available

TOPLAB® offers healthcare providers fast, reliable COVID-19 diagnostic test results, and COVID-19 antibody test results. Thanks to our Curbside Draw program, patients with a proper prescription may be able to have their COVID-19 test blood sample drawn at home by a licensed phlebotomist. Also, we are now offering COVID-19 concierge testing services to businesses, events, exhibitions, conferences, and more to assist with planning efforts.

Get Fast, Reliable COVID-19 Test Results with TOPLAB®

TOPLAB® is a full reference laboratory located in New Jersey and trusted by healthcare providers and businesses across the U.S. because of our reliability, accuracy, and speed. We offer an easy-to-use, secure portal for viewing test results online.

If you’re a healthcare provider or business looking for fast, reliable COVID-19 test results, please contact TOPLAB® today by calling 877-355-3580.