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How to Drug Screen Employees During a Pandemic

Oct 5, 2020

Shortly after the global COVID-19 pandemic halted normal life across the United States, it became clear that typical procedures for testing employees for drug and alcohol use would have to change. While testing may have halted entirely for the first few weeks while everyone focused on shutting down and immediately stopping the virus from spreading, it soon became apparent that, in order to get back to work, we would have to develop a new normal in terms of drug testing employees.

Drug testing is a vital part of providing a safe working environment for all employees. So, how can employers drug screen employees safely during the pandemic? One increasingly popular answer is to drug screen remotely. And it can be done using the same easy-to-use TOPLAB® oral fluid collection or urine collection test kits that you would use under non-pandemic circumstances. Here’s a look at how it can be done safely without compromising the validity of the test samples.

How to Drug Screen Remotely Using Oral Fluid Collection Kits

One of the easiest ways to drug screen remotely is to provide the employee or employee candidate with one of our oral fluid collection kits. During a video call with the person responsible for drug testing in your organization, the employee can use the test kit under observation and seal it in a mailer to be sent out.

How to Drug Screen Remotely Using Urine Sample Kits

Urine sample drug testing is the most widely used drug screening method. However, with remote drug testing, there is a valid concern regarding tampering, such as dilution, replacement with another individual’s urine, the use of synthetic urine, and other attempts to avoid the detection of drug and alcohol use. Luckily, advances in DNA and other technologies make it possible to ensure the sample belongs to the individual being tested and that no alterations or tampering has been attempted.

The Advantage of Drug Screening Remotely, Even When the Pandemic is Over

Drug screening employees at home isn’t new – it is done regularly by companies who hire remote employees. But, because of the pandemic, more businesses and healthcare providers are looking to implement these procedures. Businesses that already take advantage of drug screening remotely know one of the biggest benefits is that you can more easily randomize testing. Instead of having to give an employee a time and date to show up and be tested, procedures can be put into place that require employees to give samples with short notice, thereby catching more of the unwanted behaviors that employers are attempting to uncover.

Get Fast, Reliable Drug Screening Results with TOPLAB®

TOPLAB®, located in New Jersey and serving companies all across the U.S.,  is fully equipped to provide fast, reliable drug screening services for your business. Our test kits are simple to use, and we may be able to offer local pickup service. Because we are a smaller lab, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to provide the testing solutions that work best for them. We also offer our clients an easy-to-use, secure portal for viewing test results online, and we’re trusted for our accuracy.

If your organization needs reliable drug screening services with a quick turnaround, contact TOPLAB® today by calling 877-355-3580.