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The Importance of Simple Toxicology Tests

Dec 15, 2020

Toxicology testing is an essential tool for many employers across a wide range of industries. Not only is effective toxicology screening important for staying compliant for certain industries, but it can be necessary for maintaining your insurance and is a useful tool for keeping your employees, customers, and inventory safe and secure. Beyond conducting business, toxicology is an important tool in the law enforcement field as well, especially when it comes to gathering evidence. It’s also frequently used in healthcare settings to screen patients for substances that may interfere with their medications or treatments.

While there are plenty of toxicology tests available, it’s crucial to have ones on hand that are easy to use. New Jersey-based TOPLAB® provides clients across the United States with accurate results from user-friendly toxicology tests. Here, TOPLAB® explains why simple toxicology testing is so vital.

Simple Toxicology Testing in Businesses and Healthcare Facilities

For many businesses, no-nonsense toxicology tests play a critical role in maintaining compliance with industry regulations. Construction, transportation, manufacturing, and more rely on toxicology tests in day-to-day operations, both for safety and meeting requirements. This is especially true for government organizations, businesses that work with the government, or federally funded projects, all of which are required to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Quick and accurate toxicology screens can also be very helpful for employers making hiring decisions. By performing toxicology screening, employers can maintain compliance, keep employees and customers healthy and safe, and reduce on-the-job injuries. In other cases, doctors might use toxicology tests in addition to prescription drug screenings to monitor the health of a patient or to minimize their liability. Whatever the case, easy-to-administer toxicology tests from TOPLAB® promise fast results that deliver a host of benefits to businesses and healthcare organizations, from cost-effectiveness to making testing processes as efficient as possible.

Important Role of Simple Toxicology Tests in Law Enforcement

In law enforcement and the justice system, quick and accurate toxicology testing is necessary for upholding the law and keeping people safe. Like many employers, most police departments require pre-employment drug screening for all employees and usually employ random drug screenings and tests following incidents, too. In cases like DUIs and when monitoring parolees, toxicology screening also plays a vital role. By employing accurate testing and getting results quickly, a case can be built against guilty parties while protecting the innocent.

Prioritizing Simple Testing and Fast Results

Toxicology testing is important in many applications, whether for employers, government entities, or in the criminal justice system. However, not just any kit will do. Ensure you have simple toxicology tests and gain fast results by partnering with TOPLAB®. No matter what industry you’re in or where you’re located in the United States, New Jersey-based TOPLAB® is standing by to provide simple toxicology tests that you can rely on for speed, accuracy, and ease of use. To learn more, contact TOPLAB® today.