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Urinalysis, Microscopic


Detect abnormalities of urine; diagnose and manage renal diseases, urinary tract infection, urinary tract neoplasms, systemic diseases, and inflammatory or neoplastic diseases adjacent to the urinary tract.

Components: Color, Appearance, Blood, Glucose, Bilirubin, Spec. Gravity, PH, Urobilinogen, Leukocyte Esterase, Ketones, Nitrite, Microscopic WBC, Microscopic RBC, Epithelial Cell, Hyaline Casts, Bacteria, Crystals, Yeast, Small Round Cells, Path Casts

Microscopic Examination
Specimen Required

Urine. Min. volume – 1 ml.
Collect a midstream urine sample and pour approximantely 12mL into a properly labeled conical Urine Transport tube with preservative tablet, close lid and mix by gentle inversion 10 -12 times. If no preservation tablet is available, submit urine sample refrigerated.
Stability: Refrigerated – 72 Hour(s)

CPT Code(s)