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SM Antibody


Smith Antibody (Sm) is highly specific for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Smith Antibody is also detected in approximately 15% of patients with SLE. Smith Antibody is detected in more than half of young African-American women with SLE.

Synonyms: Anti-Smith (Sm) Antigen; Autoantibodies to Sm (Smith); Sm (Anti-Sm) (Smith); Sm (Smith) Autoantibodies; Smith Antigen; SmRNP Autoantibodies

Immunoassay (IA)
Specimen Required

SST, Serum. Volume 1 (0.5) mL. Stability: Ambient – 7 Days, Refrigerated – 7 Days, Frozen – 30 Days

CPT Code(s)