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Tissue Pathology


Synonyms: Biopsy, Gross and Microscopic Pathology, Microscopic Section, Pathologic Examination, Pathology, Skin Lesion(s) Tissue Examination, Surgical Pathology, Tissue Pathology

Gross and microscopic examination
Specimen Required

Tissue sample should be placed in buffered formalin (formalin volume should be at least 10 parts of formalin to 1 part tissue.). Label on container must correspond to labeling on the Requisition form. All specimen containers must be labeled at a minimum with: Patient Name and Lenco Requisition number, age (or date of birth), site and type of specimen. If specimen includes multiple parts, each part must be submitted separately in an alphabetical order (A, B, C, D..). Completed Pathology examination requisition form is required, to include patient’s name, age (or date of birth), Lenco registration number, pertinent clinical history, date of specimen(s) collection, type of specimen(s), legible name.

CPT Code(s)