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COVID-19 Testing at Weddings: How to Keep Your Big Day Safe

Apr 4, 2022

There are several COVID-19 testing options available that can help keep yourself and others protected on your special day. Mobile COVID testing and other solutions have become an integral part of the wedding-planning process for many couples throughout the pandemic. Here, TOPLAB®, a full-service clinical laboratory providing services nationwide, offers some insight and outlines how you can incorporate mobile testing into your event schedule.

COVID-19 Health Guidance

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), testing is one of the safest ways to protect gatherings with a large number of friends and family members. COVID-19 testing helps identify the risk of someone spreading the virus to other attendees, helping to keep the most vulnerable people at your event safe. If one or more of your guests test positive and they are unable to attend, consider offering a virtual participation option. That way, you can still celebrate with everyone who has already RSVP’d with a “yes.”

Evaluate Your Guest List

If you have decided to have your friends and family members screened for COVID-19 before your big day, start by reviewing your guest list. It will be helpful to determine the number of guests you’re inviting to the wedding to gauge how many people will need to be tested. When you send out your wedding invitations, be sure to include a note that you will be requiring COVID-19 screening for everyone in attendance – this can help ensure your guests will know what to expect well in advance.

If you have already sent out your invitations but have decided after the fact that you would like to have your guests tested, consider mailing out a second card. This notification card can state your preferences and provide additional information on the services available.

Scheduling COVID-19 Testing Services

It can be helpful to arrange preset testing services for your guests. This will help make the process easy, convenient, and accessible for all. Several COVID-19 testing options are available to suit individual needs, such as:

In-Person COVID-19 Testing (Independently)

If you would like to give your guests the freedom to have their COVID-19 screening done on their own time, you can provide them with the location of a rapid testing site nearest to them. If you choose this method, advise your guests to call the facility to set up a date and time for their screening, or offer a link where they can book an appointment online. This way, your guests can have their test done at a time that is most convenient for their schedule.

At-Home COVID-19 Testing

Have at-home test kits sent to all your guests, with a note asking them to administer the test on the morning of your wedding. This can be a simple and easy way to have your guests tested, but you will need to be sure that everyone has actually taken a test on their own and did so at the ideal time. If it is administered too far in advance, it may not yield the most accurate results.

Mobile COVID-19 Testing

TOPLAB® offers group COVID-19 concierge lab testing, in which licensed healthcare professionals come straight to you to perform tests on a large group of people. This service is helpful because everyone can gather at one place to complete this step together – and you can be sure the results are as timely as possible. Through this option, your wedding party and guests can have nasal swabs or antibody tests performed.

Use TOPLAB® for Mobile COVID-19 Testing for Your Wedding

Help make your big day safer by providing your guests with reliable, convenient COVID-19 testing options. If you are planning your wedding ceremony and reception, you will need to include a COVID-19 screening method that works for everyone. Incorporating the most convenient and accurate testing solution available can help ensure your attendees are properly screened before you and your partner tie the knot. For additional information about the mobile COVID testing services TOPLAB® provides in New Jersey or nationwide, contact us today.