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Concierge vs. On-Site COVID-19 Testing: What You Need to Know

Feb 8, 2022

COVID-19 is a challenging virus to diagnose given its wide range of symptoms and rapid spread. However, individuals can protect themselves and others from exposure by getting tested for COVID-19. At TOPLAB®, we offer two popular coronavirus testing options, on-site and concierge (mobile), to patients nationwide. Here, we explore the differences between in-house and mobile lab services to help people make the best choice for their situation.

What Is On-Site COVID-19 Testing?

On-site testing involves booking an appointment at a physical lab to get screened for COVID-19. This service is ideal for individuals who need testing because they are experiencing the symptoms or were exposed through contact with an infected person. Going to a lab for testing can make the process smoother because multiple technicians can answer questions and ensure people get the most accurate results.

At TOPLAB®, we offer on-site COVID-19 testing to people living throughout New Jersey and New York. Our small lab size and modern screening devices enable us to deliver accurate and rapid results to local patients, giving them peace of mind about their exposure to the disease.

What Is Mobile COVID-19 Testing?

Some labs bring COVID-19 tests to people through mobile screening. This option is ideal for testing large groups, such as business teams or wedding parties. Mobile testing eliminates the inconvenience of ensuring each person goes to the lab for coronavirus screening. It also can be more affordable and secure than in-person testing.

TOPLAB® offers mobile lab services for employers through our corporate concierge COVID-19 testing. We can administer hundreds of tests each day for businesses, conferences, guests, exhibitions, or other large groups. We also can schedule regular concierge testing for establishments that frequently experience high traffic. The results from this screening can help employers make wiser decisions about social distancing and attendance capacity at events.

For home-bound patients who live in New Jersey and New York, we offer a home blood draw program for COVID-19 antibody tests. A licensed phlebotomist will visit the individual’s house and deliver the test curbside.

What Are the Different COVID-19 Test Types?

Currently, only two screening options for diagnosing COVID-19 exist—antigen and molecular (PRC) tests. Antigen tests look for proteins on the surface of the virus, while PCR tests identify the genetic material of the virus. Lab technicians use either nasal swabs or oral swabs to extract samples from patients for these tests.

Besides diagnostic testing, many labs also offer antibody testing. This screening detects antibodies produced by the immune system from infection. Phlebotomists typically use a finger stick to retrieve a blood sample from the patient during an antibody test.

Since antibodies can take weeks to develop and may linger in the blood a while after recovery, they are not the most viable option for diagnosing COVID-19. However, they can indicate if a person was exposed to the virus. Additionally, antibody tests are not always accurate as positive results may stem from a past or present infection of the SARS-CoV-2 strain, such as HKU1, NL63, OC43, or 229E.

Obtain COVID-19 Testing Services From TOPLAB®

Whether serving individuals through our on-site lab services or helping employers screen multiple people, TOPLAB® has the resources necessary to conduct reliable COVID-19 tests. Our facility is in NJ, but we cater to clients nationwide by providing fast turnaround times on all screenings. We also host an intuitive and secure online portal that makes it easy for patients to review test results for multiple patients. Contact us today to learn more about our on-site and mobile COVID-19 testing options.